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Just like people (and houses) all home loan stories are different!
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Despite what you may have heard, home loans are available…and interest rates are better than ever!


Jamie and George were starting their new life together. Jaime already owned a home as an investment property and with present market conditions, she did not yet want to sell the home she presently lived in. George had previously owned a small business that fell victim to a stagnating economy; as such, George knew that there might be some obstacles to overcome in obtaining new home purchase financing. On the other hand, George was also a US military veteran and thus was eligible for VA insured financing.

Both Jamie and George had been homeowners before and thus they knew that the home loan process can feel somewhat intrusive at times. Income and assets must be documented, and some items on a credit report may need to be explained.  Jamie knew Patrick Davidson at Bay Equity Home Loans and knew that he and the loan processing and underwriting team would work overtime to make certain that all details were taken care of.

Jamie and George were pleased that the loan process was running quite smoothly when, as seems to happen with shocking frequency, a problem arose with the property that they were trying to purchase. The appraisal report had come back verifying that the purchase price that Jamie and George had agreed to was a fair one. However, the appraiser pointed out that this price was supportable only if the roof was replaced! The sellers had not counted on that expense and were not in a position to pay for a new roof. Fortunately, the real estate agent with whom Jamie and George worked was as diligent, creative and professional as Patrick Davidson and the team at Bay Equity Home Loans.

At Bay Equity Home Loans, we are often able to help borrowers with credit scores that other lenders say are too low.  We strive to recognize potential problems and get to work resolving them.  We offer both conventional and government insured loan financing.  And, because Bay Equity Home Loans is a direct lender for FannieMae, FreddieMac and GinnieMae, we can get some loans done that other lenders cannot. 

Since it was founded in 2007, Bay Equity Home Loans has been helping people realize their home-ownership dreams.  Bay Equity Home Loans offers competitive interest rates and loan costs, superior customer service and committed, local underwriting.  Whether you’re trying to purchase your first home, downsizing into the last home you’ll ever have, or diversifying your investment portfolio, we provide the expertise and ability to help get you there.

Patrick Davidson has been matching Washington homebuyers and borrowers with the loan program that best meets their needs and circumstances for over 16 years.  You or someone you know could immediately benefit by working with Patrick and Bay Equity Home Loans.  He can be reached at or directly at 561.0339. Give him a call to get started today!

Toilet Buying Guide
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We know times have been tough for everyone the past few years and we are all looking for places to save money. While we like to warn people about shopping at box stores for plumbing fixtures, you can save a few dollars if you know what to look for.

This past week we have had several calls from landlords and homeowners who tried to save money by purchasing inexpensive toilets from box stores. Now they are dealing with clogs which are not only an inconvenience but also cost money. By the time you pay to have a toilet line cleared you might as well have paid a little more upfront for a quality toilet. But don't worry we are here to help you avoid this dilemma!

#1 -- One of the biggest things box store toilets skimp on is the quality of the trap. (Essentially the built-in drain in the toilet where waste flows.) Make sure the toilet has a FULLY glazed trap. Glazing is the glass-like coating on the ceramic material inside of the toilet. Unglazed traps will create friction and increase the likelihood of those pesky clogs.

#2 -- The diameter of the trap is also very important. You should look for the widest trap you can find--we recommend at least 2" but the bigger the better!

One you have purchased a new toilet give Springer Plumbing a call and we can get it professionally installed for you. The removal and recycling of your old toilet is included. We have been supplying, repairing, and installing toilets since '89.

Downton Abbey
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And on the ligher side-

Even landscaping can't escape this craze! Some interesting tidbits on the gardens of everyone's favorite Sunday evening show.

Enjoy with your favorite tea!


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